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A blueprint To Ballroom Top Teacher



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50 h, 45 m

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About This Course

Have you ever thought of becoming a ballroom dance instructor but didn’t have any clue how to start?

Use Ballroomdancepros to learn how to dance properly and become a dance instructor within months, not years.  

This course will get you ready to become a successful ballroom dance instructor within months.

Material Includes

Ballroom Dance Teacher - Junior Training Course Curriculum

01. Introduction

Introduction to Ballroom dancing

Dance Instructor Streams of Income

The Magic Of Ballroom Dancing

02. The Dance Training Steps

American Rumba

American Chacha

East Coast Swing



American Waltz

American Tango

American Foxtrot

A simple QUIZ at the end of each dance lesson to help you reinforce your knowledge.

03. The Dance Technique (basic)

Basic Technique: Leading, Following, Count, Musicality, Rhythm, Dance Positions

Intermediate Technique: Three step turn, Settling, Swivel

04- How to Get Your First Student

Marketing for new instructors: Facebook, Instagram, Google

Type of advertisement: Facebook

Website advertisement

Google Business Page

05- How to Dress Up For Your First Lesson

Type of pants (male)

Type of underwear (male)

What to wear in general

06- How to Teach Your First Lesson

Single Vs Couple


How to teach wedding dance couples

07- Dance Competitions Preparation

Your first dance competition as a teacher

How to prepare your students for dance competitions

What Students Are Saying

Our core values are at the heart of all that we do.

Jessica Felicio

Great dance teacher training program. I just completed this training and I am already teaching two students.

Cody Fisher

I am so glad I did this program. Now I teach over 10 hours a week. I just love it.

Annette Black

I got fired from my previous job and I am so glad that happened otherwise, I would have been still stuck working somewhere I don't want to be. Now I am a full time ballroom dance teacher.

Theresa Webb

I was thinking of teacher training class for months, but couldn't afford the lump sum of money for registration they all required. But, I can easily pursue my dream of becoming a dance instructor with an affordable monthly payments. Thank you.